Some key dates regarding the history of the Association:

1968- The first meeting of the Directors of North American programs in Spain was celebrated in the Canary Islands with academic quality the main topic of discussion.

1969- The Regional Conference of North American Programs was established in the Institute of Hispanic Culture with the participation of 20 founding members. Membership criteria was considered.

1970- Debate over the accreditation of study abroad academic programs.

1972- Of the 27 members, ten voluntarily evaluated themselves. The winter meeting was celebrated at a Spanish university, as well as the first orientation meetings for new directors. Membership fees were set.

1975- There are 30 member programs. The first small book over studies in Spain was edited. The need to hire a coordinator was discussed, whose salary would be paid by membership fees.

1980- For the first time, changing the name of the orientation was introduced.

1982- The name was changed to the Asociación de Programas Universitarios Norteamericanos en España (APUNE) Association of American Programs in Spain (AAPS). The first coordinator was hired.

1989- The Articles of the Association were created. It was set up as a civic, cultural association, and legally registered as an association in Spain.

1992- The Articles were changed to fully fulfill and comply with Spanish legislation.

1994- Celebration of the 25th anniversary.

1999- Credits earned were recognized by the Community of Madrid.

2000- The webpage was launched. APUNE is on the Internet.

2002- Building Bridges I (Madrid)

2003- The Articles were changed in order to incorporate the associated institutions.

2005- Building Bridges II (Sevilla)

2008- Building Bridges III (Barcelona)

2009- Orientation meeting for new directors and staff in Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla. APUNE extends its services.


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