• Schiller International University (SIU) and the University of Roehampton (UoR) in London have signed an agreement where students will study for a degree awarded by Roehampton alongside their Schiller degree and receive two separate qualifications.  A student from anywhere in the world studying at Schiller will earn an accredited US degree and a British degree valid in 45 countries under the Bologna process. This is a truly innovative arrangement, which will benefit Schiller’s student body by providing them with a global profile.  Regardless of the campus of choice: Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg or soon Florida (once it receives final approval), Schiller students will also be enrolled in the University of Roehampton. With a heritage which stretches back 170 years, the University of Roehampton, offers degrees in a wide range of disciplines including business and economics. Set in a scenic, traditional campus overlooking the Royal Richmond Park, Roehampton has a reputation for an excellent student experience, high levels of student employability and cutting edge research-led teaching.  The agreement between Schiller International University and Roehampton goes beyond a student receiving credits during an Erasmus exchange or a study abroad at another university. Over a four year period, (one year for postgraduate programs) undergraduate students will achieve two degrees, one from Schiller International University, and one from The University of Roehampton delivered by Schiller. Students’ courses will include a number of modules / credits which will count towards both degrees, in addition to a number that are specific to either their Schiller, or their Roehampton qualification, including a Dissertation or Thesis. All teaching and the Dissertation or Thesis will be carried out by Schiller’s academics.  Through this collaboration students at Schiller receive an education that crosses borders and increases their opportunities academically and professionally by giving them access to both American and European markets. In the current job market this will enable graduates to meet the demand for a workforce that is capable of adapting and growing.
  • Morocco Exchange continues to offer inspiring four day programs to Morocco. The impact and insights of the student programs has been made visible to a wide audience through the feature film Crossing Borders which was produced by Arnd Wachter, Founder of Morocco Exchange. The film has been selected at 13 international film festivals, won several awards and became the doorway for partnerships of his umbrella organization Crossing Borders Education (CBE) with large institutions. Currently Arnd produces an intercultural film series in partnership with Michigan State University and New York Film Academy. Individuals who attended our first advisory board meeting included: Mark Bauman, Vice President, National Geographic; Marlene Johnson, CEO, NAFSA; Carola McGiffert, Director, 100,000 Strong Initiative, U.S. State Department. We would like to invite you to introduce your students to our inspiring Morocco programs and Morocco film:
  • Universidad de Alcalá offers a Master in International Relations and Foreign Trade. For more information, click here.
  • The Intercultural Education blog Melibee Global posted an inspiring article of one of our APUNE members. Arnd Wachter, Director Morocco Exchange writes about the "Transformative power of inter-cultural experiences" and takes a very personal look at the changed stories of himself and students. You are invited to have a look:  Feel free to share the article with any interested colleague. 
  • URV wins the International Excellence award-  The Universidad Rovira I Virgili of Tarragona, along with the institute and research centers within the southern Catalonia region, has received the "Campus of International Excellence" rating in the regional European category. This is an award from the Spanish Ministry of Education, which accredits the university’s quality and international projection as well as its environment.  The Campus de Excelencia Internacional Catalunya Sud (CEICS) has been one of the projects selected by the 2010 Campus of International Excellence call for proposals.  They will receive three million euros in order to develop the project. The proposal, under the direction of URV, is based on the university’s strategic additions, research institutes, research centers, technology parks, the healthcare sector, and businesses and public administrations that form part of the Polo de Conocimiento Catalunya Sud, the Campus´s associated promoter. This association is made up of 25 promoters and 57 contributors. The international relations and the addition of doctoral programs in chemistry, prehistory, and archaeology are two of the project’s goals that are soon to be launched. The proposal has received high ratings in teaching, research, and the five areas (in which the initiative is based): Chemistry & Energy, Nutrition & Health, Patrimony & Culture, Tourism and Oenology. The addition of these structures of investigation and the territory transfer make for a stronger project that aims to place itself at an international level and attract talent that will improve its renown and quality of its research. The project has also received four million euros from the Ministry of Science and Innovation in order to develop an environment for molecular biology and sciences.
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