• Home institution students only
  • Academic year
  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester
  • Admission requirements: two years of college level Spanish or equivalent.


  • Undergraduate courses
  • Graduate courses
  • Courses organized through American program consortiums
  • Direct enrollment in Spanish university


  • Program assists with housing
  • Apartments / listings


  • Some field trips included in fees
  • Cultural events included in fees
  • Organized field trips


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Director: Jessica Retis, Directora Residente
Director Residente
CSU International Programs
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Facultad de Geografía e Historia Edif. B
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California State University students have the opportunity to fully integrate into Spanish culture by attending the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In the Madrid program, students enroll in regular classes with Spaniards, as well as classes with other foreign students designed to enhance their learning of Spanish language and culture. All students take a month-long preparatory course when they first arrive in September, designed to orient them to Spanish culture and increase their proficiency in the Spanish language. Afterwards, they begin their regular academic year. The Spanish academic calendar is from October through February (first semester) and February through June (second semester). Students receive academic advising from their home campus counselors prior to departure, and from the Resident Advisor on site. Three field trips are scheduled during the year to enhance students' knowledge of Spanish culture.


General Oráa, 55 28006 Madrid
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