Program evaluation procedures

According to Article 11 of APUNE's bylaws, programs must be evaluated by an APUNE evaluation team every seven years, by a committee composed of three other APUNE member program directors. The following sections are evaluated:

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Academic Evaluation

  • Academic Calendar
  • Class Schedule
  • Course offerings
  • Course programs
  • Program policy and procedures (attendance, examinations, etc.)
  • Rating system
  • Student evaluation of courses
  • Teacher's curriculum
  • List of students or procedure for randomly selecting students for interviews
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Student Wellness Assessment and Administration

  • Program brochure
  • Online Resources
  • Program calendars
  • Student Orientation Materials
  • Program evaluation forms
  • Program evaluation results or summaries, if available
  • Evaluation of practices, if applicable
  • Program activities (excursions, cultural events, etc.)
  • Student evaluations of accommodation
  • Brief description of the staff's work
  • Financial structure
  • Proof of legal status if not in APUNE files
At the end of the evaluation, the evaluation committee will prepare a report with the information reviewed. After signing it, the original report is sent to APUNE. Copies of the report are also sent to the home campus of the program in the United States, and also to other university officials or positions, as directed by the director of the evaluated program.

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