APUNE's Structure

The Association has "Study Abroad" programs as full members, other institutions interested in the association, as associated institutions, and collaborators, which are those companies interested in meeting the profile of students participating in APUNE programs.



Full Members

Programs accredited and established by North American university institutions that are legally established in Spain, and all programs of those North American organizations in Spain that have not been established by specific university institutions but in consortiums of several universities.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members are individuals and institutions that, due to their social or scientific relevance, may contribute to the proper functioning of APUNE through the contribution of their knowledge.

Partner Institutions

All non-profit academic or cultural institutions whose collaboration is beneficial and whose objectives are in accordance with Article 2 of the Association's Bylaws shall have the status of associated institutions.


Those companies that wish to collaborate monetarily and that meet the Association's requirements.

Executive Committee

The members of the Executive Committee are elected from among the program directors in Spain and serve for a period of one year. This period may be extended for a further year if so decided by the members at the General Assembly.

The executive committee shall have the following functions and powers:

To carry out all decisions taken by the General Assemblies.

To manage and administer in a responsible and professional manner the Association, the assets that constitute its patrimony and the objectives for the execution of which it has been constituted.

To nominate, hire and terminate the Association's personnel, as well as to fix the salaries and remunerations deemed appropriate.

To submit to the General Assembly any project deemed appropriate and beneficial in accordance with the objectives of the Association.

Prepare the accounts for the fiscal year and present them annually during the General Assembly for study and approval.

Propose the budget and the dues to be paid by the members of the Association during the General Assembly, once a year.