APUNarte: Cultural studies between two shores

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The APUNarte group is made up of professors of art history, visual culture, cultural studies and related fields. We all teach in a program or institution associated with APUNE. A digital magazine has been created to channel our interests.

Our mission is to build bridges between two shores, between Spanish and American university campuses. That is to say, between two cultures but also between students and professors and between our teaching disciplines. This magazine is also intended to be the facilitator of research and work in our classes, in order to create an inspirational and pedagogical exchange for our community

This journal includes articles, papers and research by teachers and students, as well as other digital formats (such as audios, videos, podcasts, PowerPoints). The nature of the publications is very heterogeneous, ranging from reviews, critiques, original research papers, popularization or pedagogical writings, news, reports and chronicles to short stories or essays. Publication can be in Spanish or English. 

We invite all colleagues and partners of APUNE programs to share, publish and collaborate with APUNarte.

Rules of publication