Types of program

APUNE's programs aim to promote quality studies among American students participating in its academic programs in Spain.

Member programs are evaluated every seven years in an assessment process that allows them to high-light new areas and reinforce positive aspects of their activities.
The Association's Programs represent accredited major and minor North American universities that offer undergraduate and graduate students study abroad options for a summer, semester or full academic year.

Classes offered include courses in Language and Literature, as well as other disciplines such as History, International Relations, Economics, Business, Art History, Sociology, Anthropology, Latin American and European Studies.

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There are three types of program to choose from

ISLA Programs

Programs in separate buildings that offer courses only for their students.

MIXED Programs

Programs based at Spanish universities that offer courses only for their students with the possibility of taking regular courses at the University.


Programs where students enroll directly in regular courses at a Spanish university.