Boston University (Madrid)

Boston University in Madrid offers different programs for students of varying levels of the Spanish language, with classes in Humanities, Political Science, and History as well as many other subjects related to Spain. There is also a direct enrollment program at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid for advanced students. Additionally, Boston University offers specific programs for Science and Engineering students with no previous knowledge of Spanish language.

In addition, our program includes a series of exciting field-trips to places of particular interest throughout Spain. These field trips are generally to cities in Spain that the students may not visit on their own, but hold significant historical and cultural value. All field trips and many cultural activities in Madrid, as well as round-trip expenses from the United States to Spain and room and board in private homes with a Spanish family, are included in the program fees, which are very similar to the home campus in Boston.

Annually, an average of 180 students participate in our programs. Our offices, as well as the majority of our classes, are located at the Instituto Internacional on Calle Miguel Ángel, in the Chamberí district. There, students have the opportunity to attend lectures and performances as well as collaborate with various institutions located in the building (American Space, the IIE English Department and the Library).

Instituto Internacional

c/ Miguel Ángel 8

28010 Madrid

Tfno.: 913.191.458


Directora: Amalia Pérez-Juez