Bowling Green State University (Madrid)

Bowling Green State University has been in Spain for over 30 years and offers various programs for students of all levels. AYA-Spain Program is located in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), at the Escuela Universitaria Cardenal Cisneros (Universidad de Alcalá) American students are provided with the opportunity to meet Spanish students and scholars in an environment demanding constant use of the Spanish language. This location proves to be ideal as Alcalá de Henares is located approximately 45 minutes (at peak hours) from Madrid, thus, students can also enjoy the many cultural activities that city life offers. Students live in Alcalá de Henares with selected families in order to allow them the maximum cultural and linguistic benefits of their stay in Spain.

All of Bowling Green State University's classes are given in Spanish and follow the semester system used on the home campus. The academic load of a regular undergraduate student will average 15 credit hours per semester. A carefully designed curriculum includes a wide variety of subjects which constitute a rich program of Hispanic Studies geared to improve student's speaking and writing abilities and understanding of the Spanish culture.

During the first week of September and the second week of January, BGSU conducts its orientation programs where students focus on language and on Spanish culture and life-styles. The academic year is not limited to just undergraduate studies. It also offers one of the few Graduate programs to American students who wish to study in Spain. As the program strives to develop truly bicultural relationships between Spaniards and Americans, all graduate and some undergraduate students (depending on their level) will integrate themselves totally in the Spanish educational system by taking regular university classes offered at the Escuela Universitaria Cardenal Cisneros. Tutors will be available for additional help in order to enable students to benefit fully from this opportunity.

BGSU continues these activities on into the summer. In addition to the undergraduate and graduate programs, BGSU hosts an intensive beginning language course (Cluster College) that offers university students the experience of being totally immersed in class and in Spanish life for 2 months as a way of assimilating the language and culture and earn 13-14 university credit.

Avda. Jesuitas 34

28806 Alcalá de Henares

Tfno: 910.281.273/657.382.139


Directora residente: Susana Juárez