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Director: Veronica García-Montero
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Participants in Central College's quarter, semester, or academic year program start their experience with a three-week intensive language and cultural orientation in the spectacular city of Ronda (two weeks), and then move on to their host city of Granada. The program is housed at the University of Granada's Centro de Lenguas Modernas and offers four distinct academic programs. Based on student's level of proficiency in Spanish, students may choose to enroll in the Curso Intensivo de Lengua y Cultura program (open to all students-from beginning to superior proficiencies), the Curso Específico de Lengua y Cultura (for students with two or more years of college-level Spanish -offering courses in language, literature, history, art, music, geography, business, etc.), and the Programa Superior (geared towards students with near-native proficiency and combining courses in Estudios Hispánicos with direct-enrollment courses at the University of Granada). 

In addition to their regular coursework, students have the opportunity to participate in a service-learning project (in conjunction with local organizations and foundations) and have full access to all facilities at the University. Many students participate in city or university-sponsored choral groups, bands, and sports activities as well. Students are housed with families or in residences carefully screened and selected by the program director. Before arriving in Spain, students fill out a housing preference form, but final decisions on housing are not made until the resident director has had a chance to get to know the students during the orientation period. Every effort is made to match students with an appropriate family or residence. Costs include tuition, room and board, orientation, excursions and cultural events. The program director is full-time and serves as on-site adviser, registrar, dean, and counselor.