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Since the Fall of 1985, Dickinson College has offered a semester/year program in Málaga in cooperation with the Cursos para Extranjeros division of the Universidad de Málaga. Applicants are granted admission priority in the following order: 1) Dickinson College, 2) the other member institutions of the Central Pennsylvania Consortium, or 3) other colleges and universities. The program is open to students in good academic standing who have attained junior class status by the beginning of the academic year in question. A good mastery of Spanish is expected, including prior completion of (1) a Conversation/Composition course at the fourth semester language level and (2) an upper level course beyond Conversation/Composition, normally an introductory course on Spanish or Hispanic literature. Students may enroll for the Fall semester (early September to Christmas) or the full academic year (early September to late May). 

Málaga is an active, attractive city of about 600,000. The three other important cities of Andalucía--Granada, Córdoba and Sevilla-- are within easy reach by train. Despite its proximity to such top tourist attractions as the beaches of the famed Costa del Sol, Málaga is more traditionally Spanish, cobblestone streets and palm-tree lined promenades along its Mediterranean bay. The Program is supervised by a Director-in-Residence drawn from Dickinson's Spanish department home faculty; his/her responsibilities also include teaching of some of the Program´s courses, which are all entirely conducted in Spanish. The rest of the courses are taught by University of Málaga faculty. 

The curriculum consists mainly of courses especially organized for the Program and are offered at the Cursos Para Extranjeros Center of the University of Málaga, located in the financial center of the city. Subjects include Spanish and Hispanoarab Art, Andalusian Society and Culture, Spanish History and Hispanic Literature. Although the culture of southern Spain (Andalucía) is emphasized students also receive a panoramic view of the whole of Spanish culture. One course in particular, the Language Tutorial offers a unique experience: this course is divided in two parts. The first part consists of tutorial sessions introducing students in the city and teaching them some basics about their new environment. 

The tutors also introduce the students to the cultural and daily life of Málaga through visits and discussions that are held at various public places. The second part is a language course conducted by the Program Director and assisted by the Program assistant in which students incorporate their field experience in an intensive writing program . In addition, the students take one regular course at the University of Málaga during the Fall The normal student course load is five courses in the Fall and four courses in the Spring semester. The courses especially organized at the University of Málaga are taken under a credit/no credit system. Students are housed in private Málaga residences where they take all their meals. A comprehensive fee is charged which includes tuition and fees, room and board in a Spanish home and travel for scheduled excursions; the latter includes visits to Granada, Córdoba, Sevilla, Madrid, El Escorial, Toledo and Segovia, during the Fall semester; the excursion program for the Spring semester normally includes visits to other Andalusian sites, Valencia, Barcelona as well as to Lisbon, Portugal.