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Barcelona is the capital of the region called Catalonia and is the second largest city in Spain. Located along the northeast coast of Spain and enjoying a pleasant Mediterranean climate, Barcelona is a dynamic and progressive city with rich traditions in the fields of painting, music, and architecture. Barcelona is a charming city, with a population of over 2 million. Students will learn about Barcelona's culture and experience the vibrant nightlife, cafe scene, parks, sports, art, and beaches. The SUNY Oswego/University of Barcelona program follows the curriculum of Estudios Hispánicos (Hispanic Studies) at the University of Barcelona. The University of Barcelona was founded in 1450, and today has four campuses in different parts of the city. Students in this program will take their courses at the main campus, which is situated in the heart of Barcelona's city center. Students have the option of studying in Barcelona for a semester or academic year.  

Classes are taught in Spanish by faculty members from the University of Barcelona, with a few classes taught in English. All of the courses are intended specifically for non-natives. To determine their placement, students will take a proficiency test upon arrival to Barcelona. This is a program designed for students from absolute beginners to advanced Spanish levels. Students will take 6 credits of Spanish language, 3 credits of the Director's course, and either 3 to 6 credits of elective courses in Spanish culture or a 6-credit internship in Spanish or English. A minimum of 12 credit hours must be taken each semester. Students enrolled in the internship option will take 15 credit hours: Spanish Language and Grammar (6 credits); Spanish Culture and History or Internship (6 credits); Director's Course - Offered in English and Spanish (3 credits). Internship Opportunity: SUNY Oswego Office of International Education and Programs provides students with internship placements that span all industry sectors. In addition to the program coursework, students will be placed in an internship in a field related to their major or minor.


Jessica Hernandez
Study Abroad Coordinator
Office of International Education & Programs
State University of New York at Oswego