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Syracuse University, one of the largest private universities in higher education in the US and one of the first to offer overseas courses in Madrid, is still one of the few that offers courses taught in English and in Spanish for beginning to advanced students. Through Syracuse University Abroad at Syracuse, the SU/Madrid Center since 1970 offers a broad range of fully accredited classes, not degrees, in the Liberal Arts, Social Science and Business. All SU/ Madrid students open their study abroad semester in Spain with AZAHAR, EUROVISION OR MARE NOSTRUM, two-credit, two-week travelling seminar orientation programs in Spain or Europe. AZAHAR & MARE NOSTRUM introduce students to influences on contemporary Spain from the fascinating amalgam of Islamic, Jewish, Iberian and Roman cultures, their historical monuments and enduring products. 

EUROVISION give students a global vision of Europe with visits to companies in cities such as Amsterdam, Geneva, Heidelberg, Paris, Toulousse, London, etc. Classes that meet during the fall and spring semesters, and in a modified format during the six-week summer session, are complemented by numerous Internship opportunities especially in the business community, the arts, social services, education and communication sciences. 

The faculty is made up of 25 professors, most native Spaniards holding doctorate degrees. Students earn Syracuse University credit upon successful completion of semester courses in the following academic options: Option I: Courses at the SU/Madrid Center take place at the International Institute in downtown Madrid where the Program has offices and classroom space. In addition to Intensive Spanish Language, subjects taught include Anthropology, Arts of Spain, Biology, Communication Studies, Ecology, Economics, Finance, Gender studies, History, International Relations, Comparative and Spanish Literature, Marketing, Political Science, Psycology, Religion and Women’s Studies. Classes are small and use every opportunity to expose students to direct experience through and extensive range of field trips, on site study tours and museum visits. Option II: Courses at the Autónoma University of Madrid. 

Qualified students with high level of Spanish enrol through SU/Madrid directly in the Autónoma University of Madrid (UAM) where they may elect from a broad spectrum of courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and participate in the cultural and sports activities associated with that University. Classes at the UAM are taught in Spanish and range in size from large lecture to small discussion. Students may also combine courses taught in the SU/Madrid Center either semester with those at the Autónoma in accordance with their interest and background. Madrid Center & Science and Math at UAM: Take science and math courses at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) in English, and combine those with courses at the SU MAdrid Center. Students will take 2 or 3 courses at UAM and round out their schedule with Spanish language and 1 or 2 courses at the SU Center. 

For the fall semester, students accepted into this program will receive priority consideration in the Marine Ecology of the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa Signature Seminar. Madrid Center & Business at IE University: Management students can take classes (taught in English) connected to one of the great European business institutions. IEU offers SU Madrid Students a chance to study business in a truly diverse community, providing the international outlook needed to be successful in a global world. All SU Madrid students with a background in management are eligible for this program. The Summer Program at SU/Madrid is based on Spanish Language, Gender Studies, European Politics and Pop Spanish culture, and in Work Experience opportunities. Classes in Madrid are complemented by study tours to historic sites. Every effort is made to accommodate personal preferences for housing. 

Students live with carefully selected Spanish hosts within walking distance or average rides on excellent and modern public transportation to the Institute or UAM. Tuition covers two meals a day plus laundry in single or double accommodations. The mutual friendships which develop between hosts and students have been an especially rewarding aspect of SU/Madrid overall. The Program provides extensive information on a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, dance, music, cooking, theater and movies, etc.