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The NW CÁDIZ program offers American students the opportunity to live and study in Cádiz, Spain, for one semester (fall or winter-spring) or a full academic year. Administered by the University of Washington, this study-abroad program operates under a formal working agreement with the University of Cádiz. It is the only full-year American study-abroad program located in Cádiz. Students live with a private family (rarely in a residence hall), and attend classes at the University of Cádiz Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. NW CÁDIZ courses are especially designed for the program's students and are taught in Spanish by members of the University of Cádiz faculty. Qualified students may also choose to take at least one regular Univ. of Cádiz course. In addition, students will have the opportunity to undertake independent study projects and honors coursework under the supervision of our UCA faculty and the program's Resident Director. Credit for these projects will vary in accord with the scope and difficulty of each project. Occasionally, qualified students may choose to undertake practice teaching (of English) at the K-7 or university level.

In addition to regular classes, students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of excursions through southern Spain and Portugal, depending on semester attended and personal interest.

  • Requirements:
    • o Student currently enrolled in any accredited college or university in the U.S
      o Completion of SPAN 203 prior to departure for Spain, an overall GPA of 2.5, and a GPA in Spanish of 3.0
  • Academic year
  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester


NW Cadiz Program
UW Spanish and Portuguese Studies
C-104 Padelfod Hall
Seattle WA 98195
Phone (206) 543- 2020
Web: https://spanport.washington.edu/study-abroad/northwest-cadiz-program


Director: Rita Serghini
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
Universidad de Cádiz
Avda. Dr. Gómez Ulla s/n
11003 Cádiz
+34 956-015412
E-mail: serghini@uw.edu